Bosnian brand AMAMA introducing new product line – AMAMA Body Splash

Amama proširena linija

The company VITA ltd Zenica has expanded its AMAMA product assortment introducing completely new product line – AMAMA Body Splash.

Feminine and subtle refreshing body scent, inspired by romantic walks through different flower gardens and citrus-fruity notes are ideal for all four seasons.

Carefree and youthful aromas are wrapped with a touch of elegance that, after hour-long wearing, releases exciting floral and fruity aromas.

After applying the spray, your body will absorb a fragrant water while its warmth will relieve intense, but also daring exotic oriental fragrance. Within a few hours on your skin, spray will get another moisturizing dimension giving the skin smooth and refreshing feeling.

Choose a fragrance that is ideal for you. You get to choose between 4 different fragrance types.

Aquatic freshness – feminine and subtle refreshing body scent will make you feel special and distinctive. Combining different types of flowers and fruits, you will feel intense and slightlyarrogant scent of Siberian king – green pine. Some of the notes of this fragrance are sea mint, lemon, lime, guava, lotus, rose, magnolia and peony, the Siberian pine …

LOVE silk – a mix of tropical island fruit and flowers, light and airy texture, will make your skin smooth and aromatic throughout the day. This fragrant spray will give your skin a touch of glamor and love. Aroma notes that are dominant include: bergamot, papaya, tropical fruit, jasmine, vanilla …

Pure seductress – perfumed body spray carries a note of pleasant and seductive plum scent, melon peel and freesia temptations. The combination of different flower types and scents will make you stand out from others.

Pearl dream – a subtle feminine refreshing body fragrance. A little oriental but still not arrogant fragrance cocktail is designed for romantic dreamy ladies.

More information about AMAMA products can be found on our FB page:

Amama proširena linija 2



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