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5 Awesome Reasons to Enter a Photography Contest

If you’re like most photography enthusiasts, you probably find it hard to describe the feeling you had the first time you picked up a camera and began to experiment. You just knew it was like nothing you’d ever felt before – a rush of excitement combined with a deep-seated knowledge that you’d just discovered something that was right. It was something that instantly clicked for you and you haven’t been the same person since.
It’s only natural to wonder what’s next once you’ve reached a certain skill level with your photography. This is especially the case when it comes to photography competitions. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons why you should consider finally taking the plunge.

A. You get to find out how you really stack up against other photographers.
Competition is a tricky thing when you’re just starting out in regards to something you think you could really be into. On the one hand, you’re dying to know whether or not your stuff is really good enough to win an actual contest or earn you real money someday. On the other hand? Well, you’re no doubt a little worried about not actually being good enough. It’s something every artist goes through in the beginning, photographers included.

Try looking at entering a photography contest as a valuable learning experience that will teach you a lot about not only yourself, but other photographers and photography in general. Whether you win or not, you’ll gain valuable insight into what styles and techniques are really turning heads out there. You can then use what you’ve learned to become better, more varied, and more likely to win the next contest.

  1. You stand a real chance of winning valuable prizes and considerable amounts of cash.

When you choose to enter some of the most prestigious photography contests out there, the prizes at stake are truly valuable. For instance, Proify alone features over $5000 in cash prizes just waiting to be won. That’s not an amount to sneeze at.
What would you do if you won thousands of dollars in cash doing something you already absolutely love doing? You could invest in some sleek new equipment or fund a trip to a location you’ve always dreamed of shooting. You could put the money toward your education or your living expenses. You can use some of your winnings to enter even more contests as well. The possibilities are endless and the potential benefits are really too good to pass up.

  1. You gain access to priceless exposure.

To read more, visit the Proify Website 
Still hesitating? Sometimes, it’s easier to do it with a friend.
Forward this ‘to-do’ list to your friends and family for more fun.


Summer might be around the corner in most places of the World but down under in Australia, it’s more like “Winter is coming”.
And this Winter, you’re going to Tasmania!

What if you pack up your camera gear and sense of adventure and fly to Australia for a Wilderness Photo Safari this August? You’ll be hunting and catching the unique lights and colours of beautiful Tasmania with successful landscape photographer Destin Sparks and a small team of likeminded photo and adventure enthusiasts.

Prepare to be wowed! First, you will admire the astonishing landscapes of Mount Wellington and Cradle Mountain that have been waiting for you for centuries. Then, you will be delighted by the picturesque Wineglass Bay that will give you goose bumps when you’ll see it for the first time. You will also discover a secret hideaway close to Hobart with hidden falls, scenes so striking they will remain in your memories forever.


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