Foods with unlimited duration

Duration are often completely arbitrary dates placed by the manufacturer, but some foods should not have them at all. Many people throw away food because it has expired. Some foods like meat very quickly cease to be edible, while on the other hand there are a number of foods that can stand in the refrigerator or on the shelves of your kitchen for years without spoiling.

  1. Honey– no expiration date. It can change the color and eventually become crystallized, even then you can use it. If crystallized, put a pot of honey in a pot with hot water and hold it until dissolved.
  2. Vinegar and white vinegar can not spoil. If you have several bottles of white vinegar at home (bought for salads, marinades, home cleaning,…etc.), you do not have to worry because you can always use it.
  3. Rice– no expiry date and all kinds of rice (except brown) are edible decades after purchase. The only danger is that your stock of rice could be attacked by insects.
  4. Vanilla extract-is made usually with alcohol but has no durability. But vanilla must be original, because its imitation do not have the same properties and can not remain fresh forever.
  5. Sugar-foods with unlimited duration. Always keep it in a cool, dry place, and try sugar not to come into contact with water or to be attacked by insects.
  6. Corn starch-if it is dry, corn starch is still edible, no deadline.Not consumed often, but the most common use of corn starch is, as a thickener in cooking.
  7. Beans-no expiration date.The only problem with beans is, as benas get older it is more difficult to cook it.Famous fact is that the beans slowly loses its nutritional properties, so if you already have a supply of beans, you can cook it in the next year or sometimes later.

8.Liquor-rum or some similar spirits have no deadline.Keep them in a cool and dry place, and decades later it will be almost with the same taste.

9.Foods from the freezer or canned-foods– if not thawed, can last about a year, the only thing is that these foods could lose some of its nutritious and taste. All canned food (if it is not damaged) has duration of about 20 years or longer, if it is provided in a can or some food-container.

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