The best lip balms for winter

  1. Multipurpose protective balm (, – comes in a box which you can always carry in your pocket. Package of 15 ml is enough for about a month (or longer), if you’ll use it every day, sometimes several times a day. It has a pleasant aroma of blackcurrents. Advice plus: since conditioner is not in the classical form of lipstick, but in box, you can put it in a piece of wax paper (the one which you normally use for baking) and make appliance much easier. Price is favorable: 4.95 KM (Catalogue’s orders).  2000-02-04-17-02-35
  2. Lip Balm (, – with almond oil. Pack of 4.5 g comes in the form of the classic stick-and fits in every pocket and purse. The main ingredient of almond oil is a popular essential oil and is suitable for all skin types. Light yellow color and a mild odor. Because of the natural resources contained in just one teaspoon, almond oil is a real gem and a revelation of nature. Price for balm is favorable: 4.95 KM (mail order).  2000-02-04-17-01-10
  3. Lip Balm with Aloe vera- aloe vera contains 240 minerals, vitamins and enzymes. This plant is old about 5000 years and is an ideal summer plant. One of its benefits is a natural protection against UV rays. Fights free radicals and strengthens the immune protection of the skin. Lip balm with aloe vera is an excellent choice in the winter. Package of 10 g is suitable for every pocket and purse. Alcohol free and no paraben. Price for balm is about $ 4 (,  2000-04-11-19-03-31
  4. Zagreb Melem -packaging of 10 ml with a price of 5,45 KM (about 25 Croatian Kuna). Original Croatian product with over 35 years of tradition in the market. Zagreb’s Melem won the first prize from “Zagreb Tourist Board” for the best souvenir 2000. Croatian innovator, Ninko Niksic, in 1977 developed a salve own recipe, this is a new cream called Zagreb Melem. Balm stick or box of lip care, is suitable for all skin types and everyday’s usage. (,  2000-02-04-17-16-06

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