Austria, Alps and „Olympic City“ Innsbruck

This beautiful city is located in the west of Austria, at the foot of the high Alps, the hilly area of Tyrol. The city is famous Austrian  ski resort of Winter Sports, known for its famous ski jump Bergisel and all kinds of alpine sports. No wonder that Innsbruck is selected twice for the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. The beauty of the city we saw in only one-day stay in this city. The city is very nice, clean, and public transport is fast, efficient and modern. Of course, a stay of one day is not enough to see and visit the whole city, but Innsbruck has left a strong impression on us and is definitely on the list of “must see” for some future time.


The town is situated on the river Inn, at the foot of the high Alps, which keep him from the icy mountain winds. It is best felt and seen on foot and the unwritten rule is always to start your tour from the city center. The main attraction of the city is “building with a golden roof” (Golden Roof, Golden Roof), built in the year 1500 by Emperor Maximilian.

Historically balcony was covered with gilded, copper tiles. The building is a museum, where you can learn more about the life of the Emperor and admire the view of the city from the famous balcony. In the city center is also the medieval City Hall tower. To reach the top of the tower,  you need to climb on stairs. The number of stairs is 148, and there is no elevator. Immediately across from the tower is Helbling building / summer house from the Baroque periods, dates back to the 15th century. This building is named after Sebastian Helbling the owner of the eponymous restaurant of the 19th century. The main city’s Cathedral is located on the Domplatz which dates  from the 18th century, It’s clock sounds every day at exactly 12:12. The pedestrian street in the city center is Maria Theresien str., where  is the statue of St. Anne, built in the 18th century, in honor of the liberation of the Tyrol from Bavarian army. In this street you’ll find a lot of restaurants, bars, cafés, various shops and the shopping center called “Tyrol”.


(Advice plus: make a little break with a cup of  coffee or cappuccino in one of the gardens, and you will enjoy not only the beautiful, medieval buildings and architecture around you, but also the beauty of the three chains of high Alps located around the city).

While strolling around Innsbruck do not be surprised if you hear a strange music coming from every restaurant, cafe or a catering facility. Tyrolean folk music and unusual yodeling in the city is performed by older people, but also younger residents dressed in unusual Tyrolean folk costumes. Men wear the famous “ledenhosen” (short leather, pants with suspenders), a ladies wear “dindrle” (usually brightly colored dresses). Tyrolean are happy, smiling people with a big heart. Do not be surprised because you will be approached in the streets with questions “is everything all right” or “do you need some help”.

This town with its approx. 120,000 residents will delight you in some specific way, and when the impressions settle, you will have the feeling that you have visited Legoland.

(Advice plus: If you stay longer, visit the Alpine Garden and Innsbruck Zoo, both located near the town. The Innsbruck has its own zoo called “Alpen Zoo”, which is located at the highest altitude in Europe. The main attraction of the city is cable car “Hungerburgbahn” (not driving after 19h), which will come through the tunnel, and bridge under over river Inn to the Alpine garden, which offers a beautiful view of the city).


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