Citrin from Kreševo known as „crystal of a good mood“

This year, during the month of October will be held 14th consecutive Kreševo Fair of minerals, fossils, semi-precious and precious stones-unique in this part of Europe. At the fair you can see minerals, rocks and fossils of Central Bosnian Schist Mountains, but also learn more about the history of mining in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every year more and more exhibitors and visitors visit the fair, which is becoming widely recognized, not only in Kreševo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also worldwide. Middle Bosnian schistose mountains are rich deposits of minerals and crystals such as: hyalophane, smokey quartz, crystal, citrine, tetrahedrite, realgar, auripigment, Florit, azurite, malachite, pyrite and many others. Therefore, this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is ideal for training of geologists, miners, chemists and all lovers of nature and natural resources.


Kreševo- Fojnica region is famous for mines, minerals and crystals, so the search for minerals and crystals is something quite normal in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sites of the citrine crystals are located near Kreševo. The most famous producer of citrine in the world is Brazil. In Europe, excluding Russia, citrine can be found only in Kreševo Fojnica region. This quartz is known as “crystal of a good mood.” It may have a pale yellow color, and substantially all other shades to brown. Citrine color varies, because it finds unclean or mixed with iron. Although this quartz is rare, a large number of commercial citrines are treated amethysts or smoky quartz (with heat). In appearance it is almost impossible to distinguish topaz from citrine. The only difference is in hardness. The word „citrine“ has Latin roots and means “yellow”, such as lemon (citron). The associations called Citrine was formed in Kreševo town and they deal with education, collecting of minerals, rocks, fossils and their protection on the territory of Central Bosnian Schist Mountains.


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