Does giving compliments influence people?

  1. You want to appeal to others at all costs-persons that always trying to please others and thus get compliments you meet in your life already. They are acuminate, and carefully follow every move and word and it seems that they always want to leave a good impression to other people. Psychologists claim that this behavior tells us that that person is insecure person, that can not be rid of fear that others will not like her/him. If your parents were strict in the childhood , never giving praise or compliments to a child, never rewarded their kids, then that child grow into a deep insecure person who always depends on the opinion of others. However, parents and their relationship to the child and the closest environment most affected any kid at an early age of the child to grow up in  person secure in themselves, which has self-esteem of yourself and others and awareness of their own abilities.
  2. How much we have self-respect? -To check how much self-respect we all have, summary your reactions to compliments, praise and congratulations for a job well done. Then the compliment in a way, is a barometer that measures how much self respect we all have. If your answer is that you just had luck and therefore did a good job, it just tells you how much you are actually insecure person and suspect that you will not be so successful next time.
  3. Be careful in the workplace-a compliment may cause adverse reaction also shows our desire to turn the conversation to another topic. This is usually the case in the workplace or in the operational environment. Then you are in a position to compete with colleagues and severely dampen aggressiveness. Psychologists say that a compliment at the workplace could be the cause of adverse effects. The reaction of the person to whom you make a compliment is usually “what is hidden behind it?” Because they do not believe that your compliment is something good and that is a compliment from the heart.
  4. Men can not give compliments often, while women love compliments-there was a poll in which participation took some 200,000 respondents, showed that women can not resist the people who praise their lips. Very few women will turn back or ignore it to the man who praised her lips. It is thought that men who share compliments about the beauty of woman’s lips, at least bold. The largest number of men who participated in the survey complements the eyes of women. Women are most like to be praised lips, not breasts. Respondents were men and women from different countries, but the answers are different from country to country.Women from Italy and France like when men give compliments to their clothes and fashion and style of expression. English women prefer when they praise their feet, while Spanish women love all the compliments about their hair and styling.
  5. What are the compliments for and whether they are useful in life-psychologists say that all men love compliments because they help to the people who communicate, create closer relations. Complement is beneficial because it reduces tension and stress, and our reaction shows how secure we are or insecure. Compliments suppress aggression and tension, and help to have a better and more relaxed communication if they’ve been imposed at the right time and the right place. If compliment will be accepted, then should be told by the uninterested, who is your good fellow or colleague. Our reaction to compliment can tell us something about ourselves. If you give a beautiful woman compliment that she is beautiful, she would accept it with a smile, but if you tell that compliment to a woman who is not so nice, it will be taken as a mockery. For these people, compliment causes discomfort and they often take a defensive attitude. Therefore, if you want to give a compliment to persons you care about, try to do it nicely and kindly to leave a positive effect, because empathy is not extinct yet in our society. 2017-02-12-09-06-00

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