How to achieve a good lighting in your home

With good lighting every home looks cleaner and clearer, and the owner feels more comfortable and healthier.


Here are 5 tips on how to properly highlight your home:

  1. If you have frequent headaches, tired eyes, frustrations because you can not see what you are doing (for example in the kitchen), those symptoms tell you that you have poor lighting in your home. The best way to solve your problems is to create flexible lighting. This means that you have a light in your home, which can change depending on the time of day and the purpose of using the room. Try to install sockets where you can with one or two clicks, fully lighten room (where you finish some work) convert to room suitable for a romantic dinner. This is achieved by appropriate arrangement of lamps and chandeliers in the room.
  2. Layout of windows is the most important in any home. The window facing the north means that the room is dark and probably the coldest in the apartment. This is perfect for anyone involved in the arts, painting, sculpture, …etc, because this room can be a great area for work. There is no glare and colors gives a natural tone. The window facing east, means that this is a room where the morning light shines, but there is no sun during the day. Here you need to use artificial light (chandeliers, lamps, … etc.), to be set up in the North part of the room. This room is ideal for the bedroom, especially if you’re an early riser. The window faces south means that this is a room where it is warm, pleasant light all day, but its intensity changes depending on the season. This would be the room where you spend a lot of time. Just make sure that sun is not shining directly into TVs, computers, monitors, … etc. The window to the west means that the sun’s rays to enter into this room in the warmest part of the day. It is ideal for a summer evening, romantic atmosphere. This room can be converted into a terrace by the window over the entire wall.
  3. In the operating rooms (study room, library, … etc.) put brighter lighting (lamps, chandeliers, … etc.), If you use this room often or in already existing lighting bulb put the bulb with the strongest power (100 W ).
  4. In the utility rooms (storage, storage room, basement, utility room … etc.) that are not used continuously or in which nobody stays long put the strongest light bulb (light) or energy saving light bulbs (which gives good lighting). Once you do good lighting in those specific rooms, it will last for years.
  5. Always listen to your intuition, along with other tips. When you finish the lighting of all the rooms, try to stay in any of them a bit longer and if you feel good in all rooms, it means that you did the right thing.





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