Useful tips: how to save electricity?

Energy-saving bulbs are more expensive, but consume 75% less electricity than ordinary light bulbs. Microwave consumes less power.


We bring you 9 tips (proven measures), how to reduce your monthly electricity consumption in your home:

  1. Use a lamp instead of a chandelier-quality energy saving bulbs last from 5,000 to 15,000 hours and save up to 75% less electricity than ordinary. With the help of a number of smaller light sources, you can achieve more beautiful and more efficient light in your home.
  2. Always cook in a covered pan-size of pots should match the size of the kitchen stove. As far as the oven concern, do not open it often, because every opening reduces the cooking temperature of around 15 °.
  3. Use the stove instead of floor heating-if you heat with electricity, select electrical TA stove because it will cost you less money. Charge it at night, when electricity is cheaper. For windows and doors set tapes.
  4. Instead of taking a bath, take a shower-set the water heater in the bathroom at 50 ° -60 °. Do not swim in the bathtub full of water. Instead of instant water heaters, choose classic boiler for your bathroom. Classic boiler accumulates warm water that you heated at night.
  5. Purchase a microwave – you certainly read many articles how the microwave is harmful to health and how often usage causes cancer. Yes, often usage is harmful, but occasional use is not. Microwave is ideal for rapid defrosting food, fast cooking and food preparation. Consumes considerably less power.
  6. Buy a pot for fast cooking or express pot-those products save energy up to 70%. Save time. Preparing of food is better.
  7. Vacuum cleaner (hoover)- if the bag is fuller, the power of vacuum clenaer is smaller and power of consumption is higher. The bags need to be changed oftenly and obtain the original bag. For better suction power, make sure the vacuum cleaner is properly closed.
  8. Iron-buy modern electric iron with teflon base. Do ironing in the terms of cheaper temperature during the winter. Be sure to determine the temperature of the iron, depending on the type of fabric which you need to iron. Set clothes/lingerie accorindg to a temperature that ironing, before starting ironing. Note: if your clothes is too dry or too wet, ironing is slower and more difficult.
  9. Dishwasher-if you plan to buy a dishwasher, select those with „A energy“ efficiency. The dishes do not need necessary to rinse before placing in the machine. Put dishes into machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Machine using a temperature of 50 ° to 65 ° C. The dishwasher in class A for the wash cycle consumes 10-15 liters of water and about 1.05 kW of electricity, which is considerably less than hand washing. Hand washing, on average, spend 50 to 80 L of water.dishwasher


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