12 quick tricks for beauty

  1. Use honey-once a week lubricate the face with a little honey and after 15 minutes rinse your face. Honey cleans pores and makes skin softer.honey
  2. The home body scrub-mix one cup of olive oil, one cup of oatmeal and one cup of brown sugar. Place the peel in a jar, and then in the refrigerate. Before showering, rub your skin with this peeling. It will be smooth and soft.
  3. Use cooking oil-apply several teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil on the face and neck. If you do not mind the smell, add a little sugar. The skin will be soft, smooth and clean.
  4. For hair, use beer- after shampooing rinse hair with beer. Yeast and hops in beer give strength and volume.
  5. Anti-stress bath-fill the tub with water, add a bath, a handful of salt and a little bit of essential oil.
  6. The home peel of kiwi-kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C and with this fruit you can do a gentle face scrub. Slice kiwi into slices and rub the face from time to time.
  7. Avocado-avocado oil balances the skin’s moisture. After washing put a few drops of oil on the face and cover with warm towel. The heat allows better absorption.avokado
  8. Sugar in the service of beauty-mix one cup of sugar with oil vitamin E. Make a thick paste and thereby rub the body. This peeling will remove dead skin cells, and vitamin E will act effectively.
  9. Hand-mix a little cream with banana and add the oil of lavender. Rub the palms of this mixture and wrap in two plastic bags. After half an hour, the skin on the hands will be soft and smooth.
  10. Heat muscles-body milk or body cream put put on a radiator. After showering, use warm milk for the body. This will act relaxing for the whole musculature.
  11. Use vitamin preparations-during winter season take oral products with vitamin E, because it helps your skin from inside to be hydrated and protect it from the cold.
  12. Use a mixer or blender-put your favorite fruit, add a little sour cream and yogurt and make a smooth homemade face mask.

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