6 famous legend that are your obstacles


People often fool themselves with famous legends or myths to feel more safer. Belief in some common legend makes life more comfortable and enjoyable, but it puts us to sleep in a figurative and literal sense (that’s why adults telling tales to children at bedtime). Here is a 6 legends or traditions in which people believe so much that they are almost impossible to argue. They harm us and prevent us to take advantage of their potential.

Legend number 1–We always have time

In reality we have less time than we think. Now we have less time than an hour ago. Always plan carefully and not delay action too long.

Legend number 2 –We can not rely on other

In reality, whatever you do-you are alone. Of course we all have people who take care of us, advise us, but in the end we have to do it all by ourself. Other help with their care and love, but we should not expect that someone else will do anything for us.

Legend number 3- You are important to yourself

In reality you should come out at night and look up at the sky. It is there for millions of years, and you are just a few years alive. For a hundred years the sky will still be there, but our name no one will remember probably. Why should they? To be relevant, you have to do a lot of important things in your life, it does not come by itself.

Legend number 4- We should put others in front of us

In reality, many people fall into the pitfalls of “goodness”. They try to be good and tweaking others. No need to worry – care more about yourself than about any other person.

Legend number 5- We all try to avoid conflict

In reality conflicts are present always and everywhere, and the truth is that they can not be avoided. Rather than avoid them, learn to deal with them in civilized manners. People who stand up for themselves will not be penalized, and those who avoid or ignore problems just create more problems around themselves.

Legend number 6- Difference between success and failure is HAPPINESS

In reality lazy people believe in this saying. The success, whatever it meant, means perseverance, hard work, more hard work and planning, commitment and much more. Of course there are things beyond our control, but the lives of successful people are full of unforeseen circumstances and those to which they could affect and deal with.


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