Roses with its gorgeous colors and scents attract our attention for centuries

Roses have more fans because they are resistant and easy to maintain. Affordable to the eye, and processed in the form of juice, jam, … to our palate.

Many gardens with roses have the fragrant atmosphere where marshmallow, iris, wallflower, Turkish rose, hundredleaf rose or Rosa alba contribute, as well. These older varieties of roses have more lovers and breeders, because they attract the attention with their gorgeous color, fullness and fragrance.

We can create a romantic atmosphere in pots, where we could grow fragrant gardenia, Cape primrose or exotic amaryllis in our home. According to historical records, 6,000 species of roses was recorded in 1870. Today’s figure is much higher, because there are a lot of variety created by crossing two different varieties of roses. Older varieties of roses are very different from the modern version of this flower. They are modest in appearance, but more resilient and less sensitive in comparison to modern version.

How to plant roses?

Gilts should be buried in the ground about 15 cm throughout the year, in order to be protected from the wind and potential dehydration. Rose will achieve sumptuous growth, if it is grown on a light, nourishing soil. They are best planted in spring and autumn.

Meet the old varieties of roses

Bourbon roses

This type of rose was created on the island of Bourbon in natural cross-breeding. It blooms from June to September, although not all the time. The most common color of the flowers of this variety of roses are white, pink and purple. Bourbon roses love the sun and warmer locations with poles.burbon

Turkish rose

This type of rose was found in Damascus in the 13th century. Then, this rose was taken to Germany, and from there to the whole of Europe. Petals spread heavy and intoxicating scent. The shrub has pink flowers and grows to 1.5 meters. This type of rose tolerate cold very well.turska

Gallic rose

This type of rose is one of the oldest and is called the “grandmother of all roses.” It originates from the ancient Roman gardens. From its hybrids medical roses we get rose water and oil. The noblest variety of roses thrives in any soil.galska

White rose

This is the healthiest and most resistant older varieties of roses. Shrub is sturdy and thick. Thrives on high and cold areas. Pomegranates mature from its large flowers.bijela ruža


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