Introduction of Avon and Oriflame soaps

Throughout history, we can say that the soap is one of the newer discovered products. It is estimated that its age is only about 3,000 years.

People smeared with olive oil, juices and ashes from different plants over the body. The first soaps are mentioned at the time of Plinia, a Roman writer of the first century BC. Then, according to records, he mentioned two kinds of soap, soft and hard. Plinie writes that the soap is “an invention that gives the hair shine.”

In the ruins of Pompeii in Italy,  a workshop for making soap was found buried, which is reminiscent of modern workshops. Until 200 years ago, soap was produced by local masters in the USA.

How to make a soap?

The soap is prepared by cooking of fat or oil, water and a base (alkali). In the factories of soap, fats and alkalis are cooked in large cauldrons and this whole process is called saponification. Salt is added after the cooking is finished. Then soap “floats” on the surface of the boiler. At the bottom of the boiler remains salty water containing glycerin, dirt and excess alkali. This procedure is repeated several times. Every time water is added and rocking soda, until the last of any fat is not hydrolyzed (converted from fat in the soap).

Then the soap is mixing thoroughly to get a smooth paste, and different scents, colors and water softeners could be added to soaps. Then, a boiling molten soap is ready to put in different molds. Toilet soaps have an additional process: cutting, drying and hanging into the paper.

AVON and Oriflame toilet soaps

In the catalog of Oriflame and Avon cosmetics, there are  a wide selection of bar soaps, for children and adults. Prices are reasonable and adapted to each pocket. Also, it should be noted that the price matches the quality of the product (more on,,,

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Oriflame catalog is published every first of the month and lasts throughout the entire month.


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