10 interesting facts about Ukraine

  1. The Republic of Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, with an area of 603,700 square km and until the 12th century was the largest and most powerful country in Europe. Other names of this country are: “country of mighty rivers” (as it is rich in water resources), ” nightingale’s country” (for the sake of its immeasurable contribution to the development of unique East Slavic culture) and “the largest granary of Europe”.zastava
  2. Ukraine has two anthems: State „Šče ne vmerla Ukrajina“ and religious „Bože, Veliki, Jedini, Ukrajinu hrani„ (God, the Great One, feed Ukraine).
  3. The official language is Ukrainian, and the currency is the Ukrainian hryvnia. There are about 50 000 000 inhabitants in Ukraine.
  4. The blue and yellow colors on the flag have their symbolism: Blue means water, sky and openness, while the yellow symbolising steppe’s meadows.
  5. Ukraine, according to the an archaeological point of view, is the most interesting country in the world, due to the Pontine’s steppe and frequent migration of the population.2016-08-28 16.02.25
  6. The largest airplane in the world, “Antonov An-225” is a Ukrainian product.
  7. This state is a major producer of grain, sugar, meat and dairy products and a major exporter of electricity in Europe.
  8. Ukrainian tourism consists of spirituality, religion and medieval culture. Ukraine is rich in museums in the open air, where it was illustrated history of the eastern Slavs.
  9. A whole city in Ukraine, Lviv is under UNESCO protection.
  10. The People of Ukraine’s is peaceful, proud and tolerant.

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