10 interesting facts about Graz

  1. Graz, Styria Gradac, Graz or Gradac is the second largest city in Austria.
  2. There are even 6 universities (Universität Graz) in Graz, in which for than 80% of foreign students are.
  3. The most important industry in this city is tourism.
  4. The old core of the city has over 1,000 different architectural styles of works, from Baroque to modern style.
  5. The city is located on the river Mur, where there is also an artificial island called Murinsel. It is a bridge between the two banks – dominated by traditional and modern Schlossberg (Schloßberg), where you can first notice Kunsthaus (Museum of Modern Art).graz


  1. Graz has 11 sister cities: Zadar (Croatia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Pula (Croatia), Maribor (Slovenia), Pecs (Hungary), Trieste (Italy), Trondheim (Norway), Darmstadt (Germany), Groningen ( The Netherlands), Monclair (USA) and Coventry (UK).
  2. The largest complex of art nouveau in Austria’s is hospital in Graz.Untitled
  3. Hauptplaz is the main square and also the historical center of the city, where there is also the Rathaus (Town Hall), where trams and many shops are located.
  4. Schlossberg is one of the most beautiful town walls in Europe and worldwide.
  5. The most striking city’s attractions is Uhrturm. The Tower is built in the 13th century and renovated in the form as it has today in the 16th century. (More on http://www.graz.at).

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