10 interesting facts about Mount Rushmore

1.The Mount Rushmore is a national monument located in the US state of South            Dakota.

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  1. The Monument represents 150 years of American history.
  2. The Monument is carved in the rock as a monumental granite sculpture of the head of 4 American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Sculpture’s heads are high 18 m and are located in an area of 5.17 m².
  4. During the construction of the sculpture, no construction worker was killed.
  5. The sculpture was built during the period of 14 years.
  6. Name Mount Rushmore comes from the lawyer of Charles E. Rushmore, during his expedition in 1885. Lakota Sioux Indians called the mountain “Six grandfathers”.
  7. The Mountain “Six grandfathers” was part of the route, which is the leader of the Lakota Sioux Black Elk took a kind of pilgrimage, which culminated at Harney Peak.
  8. During the construction period of the sculptures there were 400 workers.
  9. The creator Gutzon Borglum chose this 4 American presidents, for their role in preserving the Republic and expanding territory.

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