10 interesting facts about Zagreb

  1. Zagreb is the Croatian capital and relatively young middle-European metropolis with about 800,000 inhabitants. It attracts many visitors yearly because of its unusual and unique architecture, friendly hosts and the many innovative facilities in the city.2017-04-10 14.26.52
  2. Zagreb has the shortest funicular in the world, whose track is 66 meters long, while the ride lasts only 64 seconds. The cable car departs from Lower Town (Tomica street) and drive to the Upper Town.
  3. Zagreb School of Animation is one of the best schools of this type in the world. A proof of this is a mega popular animated series ‘Baltazar’. This series has a total of 59 episodes. Its specificity is the fact that the rights to show the series has been purchased in 30 countries worldwide. The series is most viewed in the Scandinavian countries.
  4. One of the most famous citizens of Zagreb is famous composer Vatroslav Lisinski. Lisinski composed the first Croatian opera “Love and Malice ‘. Lisinski died on May 31, on the Day of the City of Zagreb in 1854.2017-04-10 14.25.50
  5. Lenuci’s or green horseshoe is a series of 8 squares (Nikola Subic Zrinski, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Square, King Tomislav Square, dr. Ante Starcevic Square, Marko Marulić Square, Trg Ivana, Anthony and Vladmira Mažuranića and Marshal Tito Square) and Botanical garden. Those squares has been created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which give Zagreb attribute of the modern city.
  6. The Stone Gate is part of the historical defense system of Gradec, built in the 13th century, is the only of the gate which still exist.
  7. The center of the city considered to be the historic district of the Upper Town and Kaptol, and Donji Grad, which has an exceptional diversity of architecture from Baroque to the present day. The main town square is Ban Josip Jelacic Square, which is a favorite attraction of tourists in the city of Zagreb.
  8. The Palace Hotel which is located in the city center, in the street Jagerhorn Ilica 14 is the oldest hotel in Zagreb. Opened in 1827 and renovated in 2011.
  9. The citizens of Zagreb have very popular slang name Purgers and „purgerski“ dictionary is a mixture of Turkish words, Germanisms and anglisam which is expressed in the world of gastronomy. Zagreb natives like food abšmalcati (cook, and then fry in fat crumbs), their favorite soups is ajgemahtec (vegetable) and ajnpren (the roux). They grind meat in „flajšmašina“ for Faširanci and their favourite sandwich is made of somerice and kaiser rolls.
  10. The main meeting place for citizens of Zagreb is under the clock in the main square. All city clocks repairs and maintains clock and watch shop Lebarovic from Maksimir, which encompasses six generations of masters. The first urban watches are imported from Austria.


  1. …Malo nadopuna i digresija: crtić Baltazar prikazuje se prije svakog filma na večerima Ljetnog kina Gradec na Katarinskom trgu; Purger je iskrivljeni oblik starog njemačkog izraza Burger (građanin, pr.; od Burg = utvrda, grad); Donji grad = Lower Town…za Hotel Palace nisam znao da je nastariji ( a jeste li vi znali da je KB Sv. Duh najstarija bolnica u Zg i RH? pozzz i sve najbolje prigodom proteklih blagana 🙂

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    • Dear Jolene, Thanks a lot and yes, Croatia is full with nice and still undiscovered places which should been seen, such as all our neighboring countries. Best regards, Amela


  2. Such history! I like Europe and loved visiting Germany while I was there… And here in small town America…older than 1900 seems very old.. Haha! But at least we do have towns on our East Coast, not far from where I am in N. Carolina, such as Williamsburg, VA, that date back to Colonial days in the early 1700’s…when there were “colonies” here, established mostly by the English, instead of the States as we have them now, and an independent country. Keep up the interesting historical posts!

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  3. Dear livingonthebacksideoffifty,

    Many thanks for your very positive and detailed comment. It is always nice to learn some new details of our history from the whole planet Earth. It seems that we are all connected somehow and should stay “that way”. I’ll try to do my best to present some untold stories or less known. Best regards, Amela.


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