10 interesting facts about Ottawa

  1. The Capital city of Canada is located in the eastern part of southern Ontario and it stands on the south bank of the Ottawa river.580
  2. Ottawa is the fourth-largest city in Canada.
  3. The home of Canada’s national government is Parliament hill-must see attraction of the town.
  4. The country’s story in art, history, nature, at war, in aviation and space, agriculture and food, science and technology, and attractions that focus on Canada’s Aboriginal peoples can be found in the Ottawa’s national museums.581
  5. The most popular market is ByWard Market which exists for nearly 200 years in the city. Artisans, farmers and merchants sell their specialty items and wares.
  6. The Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a historic waterway filled with boaters spring through fall and the world’s largest naturally frozen ice skating rink in winter.582
  7. The unique ambiance in Ottawa could be find in the Chinatown or Little Italy where there are a lot of charming bars, shops and restaurants.
  8. You can explore all Ottawa’s attractions by bus, boat, helicopter, plane, bicycle or feet.
  9. Ottawa’s culinary scene offers a little something for everyone. There is an initiative called Savour Ottawa accross the region.
  10. Every year on July 1st, the city celebrates the biggest and the most important event- Canada Day. In 2017, Ottawa celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday.Congratulations. (more on ottawatourism.ca or www.discoverottawa.ca or www.ottawa.ca )


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