10 interesting facts about the Kingdom of Jordan

  1. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is managed by King Abdullah II. His wife, Queen of Jordan Rania is one of the most favorite person in the world.king
  2. The refugee camp Al-Ezrak is located in Jordan. The Kingdom of Jordan has accepted the largest number of refugees in the world, even 2.7 million.
  3. The acctress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie visited all the refugee camps in Jordan even 4 times so far.
  4. The Syrian Desert occupies the eastern and southern part, while in the west is valley, which runs the Jordan River which flows into the Dead Sea, whose coast is the lowest on Earth (-417m).
  5. Jordan has approx. 5 million inhabitants, the official currency is the Jordanian Dinar and the official language is Arabic.
  6. This mystical land sea, with its mountains, deserts and rich history is called “the jewel of the Middle East”.
  7. The most visited places are: Amman- the capital city , Petra-city carved in stone (in Greek-Petra means stone), a desert oasis, and the Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, the Red and the Dead Sea (no fish, the amount of salt is 7x higher than in the Atlantic ocean, there are 11 species of bacteria) and the most southern city and resort Aquaba-the whole city is Duty Free Zone and the only way out of Jordan on the Red sea.Amman
  8. Some of the oldest civilizations of the world lived in Jordan, thereby creating and leaving behind a rich history and cultural heritage, which is the reason why many tourists keep coming back (preserved remains of the Roman city of Jerash, Nymphaenum-spa .. .and etc.).Aquaba
  9. The Road King’s Highway or At Tariq as -Sultani arrive in the ancient city of Petra.
  10. The movie “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed in Bedouin Camp Wadi Rum and the movie “Indiana Jones Last Crusade” was filmed in the ancient city of Petra.

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