5 tips for a better mood when it’s raining

Weather conditions affect our mood  in all age groups. When it rains we feel depressed or sad. Although these conditions are common, they can have a negative impact on our lives. These conditions make us exhausted and prone to loneliness.rain

Here are 5 tips to amend your mood:

  1. Drink tea of ​​lemon balm-lemon balm is known for centuries. Untreated depression. The warmth of tea from lemon balm helps you to overcome the resentment that accompanied the rain. Put some lemon in a glass of tea, because this fruit proved the mood. Also, add honey for better taste of tea. Any honey is made from essential minerals.
  2. Be active-be even more active when it is a rainy day. Do some exercise. Any exercise can release “a happy chemicals” in the brain that improve mood. If you stay home, jump in place orgo up and down stairs for a couple of times. Play music and dance or do vacuum. Any movement is good.
  3. Turn on the lights during the rain-clouds block sunlight, which naturally has positive affect on the mood. Burning lights can improve our mood. Use incandescent bulbs (not fluorescent), because they are the most efficient. Today you can buy so-called “full spectrum” bulbs that mimic sunlight. These are the most efficient lamps for lifting mood.
  4. Eat healthy food- during rain avoid junk food because it worsens the mood and the body can not provide high-quality nutrients. Use as many grains and protein, and vitamins. Avoid sweets and coffee, because they only temporarily lifted mood. When the body expel the sugar and caffeine, the mood will worsen.
  5. Call some of your friends- when we are sad, we do not socialize in the first place. But socializing is one of the best ways to deal with negative emotions. Depression appears to be alienating people, although the contact with other people is the best way to beat depression. So, any contact, walk to shops, hanging out with friends, … etc.


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