The ideal plant for any garden and balcony: Begonia

Begonia with large flowers and double flowers is the most wanted of all tuberous begonia. Plants grow from 25 cm to 60 cm. One to four lists mates from tubers that are juicy and easily breakable.

The leaves of begonias are asymmetric with sharp peaks and jagged bite. The flowers are large. They can grow up to 16 cm in diameter. The texture can be one-flower or double-flowers.


Begonias are the jackpot for every garden or balcony. They have beautiful leaves and beautiful flowers. Begonia is easy to grow, and reproduce. When planting begonia choosing of a good location is one of the most important things. Begonias like shady locations, which faces towards the east or north-west.

If your balcony is sunny until noon, or if it is sunny after 17 or 18 hours, begonias will enjoy it. The same is for the yard. In the garden begonias can thrive in the shade, where they have filtered light through the treetop. Begonias is best to plant on the exterior when  the last frost is passed. Never put begonias in pots in places that are hot in the summer, such as asphalt or concrete surfaces. Begonias are planted in slightly acidic medium for the flowers, which is rich in nutrients. It should be loose, it does not retain water.

Begonias do not like wet or dry surface, but slightly moist. You’ll get surface for planting begonias in any garden by mixing the peat with soil or compost. Avoid planting begonias in places susceptible to wind. Begonias have fragile shoots, which can easily break. Avoid wetting overhead shoots, leaves and stems.

You need to often watering begonias planted in hanging baskets because the soil dries quicker. Regularly remove wilted leaves and flowers, as you will prolong flowering begonias in this way and allow begonias unrestricted growth.


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