How to overcome the lack of self-confidence in 3 steps

Many experts, psychologists and psychoanalysts suggest that lack of self-confidence can and must be overcome. It is not an easy process, but it is possible and achievable process.


It happene2017-05-12 09.03.21d for many of us that we want to achieve something bigger than usual, but we start to panic, become inactive and froze. For some of us, this may well interfere with daily life. If you start to panic from new and unknown things in your life, you should know that you are not alone in the world. You have an idea in mind and know the saying “iron strike while it’s hot,” and you start the campaign to collect information, advice and resources for his new idea. Then you think of what will happen if you do not get the idea, if all goes wrong, if you are rejected, if you do not succeed. Catch scare you, and because of own insecurity and lack of confidence, you give up.

There are 3 good and proven tips that can help you to overcome your lack of confidence and uncertainty:

  1. These thoughts and fears arrest everyone at least once in a lifetime. That is normal. But try not to be blocked by negative thoughts. When you get negative thoughts, accept them and not ignore them. Take a pen and paper and write down all negative thoughts and ideas.
  2. For every negative thought written down, find a positive, which denies the negative. For example, if the negative thoughts is that people will not be interested in your new idea, the positive would be that some people would be interested, because your ideas are in accordance with human interests and could bring them profit and prosperity. And so on, for every negative thought from your paper, write down the positive.
  3. Prove to yourself that you are right. This step will in most cases fail. If you allow yourself to overcome uncertainty, then this will happen. If in spite of the fears and concerns, you continue with your idea, do not give up, you’ll surely succeed sooner or later. You’ll prove to yourself that you can do it. The next time will be even easier, and you will eventually get used to it and not let fears to overcome. Your confidence will grow and every personal problem, big or small, that life brings, you will be able to overcome.


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