Why we forget over the years?

  1. If you have between 30 and 50 years of age.

What is normal? Forget the names of other people, nicknames, forget the keys, cell phones or wallets. Forget phone numbers or dates of birth.

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What is not normal? Getting lost in familiar locations. The difficulties with recognizing faces, colors, shapes and words. Leaving things in totally wrong places. The aging process is associated with memory problems. Our brain get smaller with the aging because neurons deteriorate up to 80%. The brain thus loses up to 15% of its average weight. The larger memory problems in this age are rare, but can be a sign of the beginning of dementia.

How to help yourself? The brain quickly collapse if we do not use it enough. Engage yourself in a variety of activities to stimulate your brain (reading, filling crossed words, seing old photos and remember all the people in them, … etc.). Explore new locations, more write.

  1. If you have between 50 and 70 years.

What is normal? Forget the agreement and inability to remember what you’ve come to the store for.

What is not normal? You forget every day if you drink coffee or tea. You do not recognize family members. You lost all memories of your youth. Leaving things in the wrong places. Our short-term memory is easily upset. The larger memory problems may be a sign of dementia. The most common is after 65 years of age.

How to help yourself? Exercise saves memory and reduces the risk of dementia. Research in the US showed that the 40-minute walk a few times in 7 days stimulates the hippocampus, part of the brain responsible for memory.


  1. Good write. I have daily bouts with seizures. 43 and memory lapse when healing. It seems though all those electrical shocks habe been hard. If I seize too much all is all lost in my writing. Can barely form a word, let alone a sentence. Trying to work through it all. Just trusting it will come together.


  2. 60 is the new forty so don’t despair if you are of more mature years. Age can be like a good wine… it improves with age. I cannot garden as I did when I was 40 but back then I was always in a rush so I did not take time to observe nature. Taking breaks gives me time to think 🙂 Age is only a number.


    • Yes, You are right, age is like a good wine or an excellent wine….Thank you for nice comment and best regards from Sarajevo, Amela.


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