Tips for all persons allergic to nickel


  1. Allergy often appears on the skin, which is in contact with a clock and bracelets. Do a simple test: Have you ever had a rash on the ear or on the hand in which you wear a watch? Does the rash appeared on the site where skin touches the button of your jeans? If so, you probably have an allergy to nickel.
  2. Useful tip is to write a diary of what you eat and what difficulties arise after meals. When you detect a trigger to allergies, try to skip the food for a while to see if there are improvements.
  3. Nickel include: pineapple, baked plums, baking powder, beans, bread, edam cheese, peanuts, figs, canned fish, cereals, cabbage, offal, hazelnut, herring, cocoa, lettuce, sprouts, flax seeds, almonds , seafood, medlar, nuts, chocolate, soy, sunflower seeds, spinach, tea (also the one from the machine).
  4. This is one of the most common allergies in humans. Contact with objects that contain nickel (e.g., jewelry, door knobs, dishes), the skin reacts by the inflammation occurs in this-eczema.
  5. If you have an allergy to nickel strict diets are not recommended, because the wrong diet can jeopardize your health. The level of nickel in food is lowered by boiling. Food from cans rarely cause allergy because the cans are protected from inside.
  6. In the cooking of foods containing acid, nickel can be released from the metal of the metal washer. It is recommended to cook your food in dishes of enamel.
  7. The most important tip is to do self-observation and control with the consumption of certain foods, to determine what causes the emergence of allergies or allergies reinforcement.

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