The best summer clothes’s material is flax

Many fashion experts believe that the flax is an ancestor of all linen fabric. Traces of flax’s usage are old up to 5,000 years. Flax can be seen on pictures on the tombs and shrines in Thebes. Flax clothes has been wore by builders of the Egyptian pyramids in less than ideal weather conditions. When we watching movies about Greek or Roman times, we see people wearing light clothing and flax’s clothes. Togas, tunics, robes and other light clothing made of flax was an integral part of this culture. Both men and women wore flax garments. The most important reason is comfort.

2017-06-08 07.20.04

With the arrival of warmer days, choose lighter materials and clothing, which allows your skin to breathe. Choice is great, but we must make a distinction between clothing for work ,clothing for the trip and those for holidays. The best summer material is definitely aflax. There are various kinds of fashion flax in the market. Ordinary flax is used most often. A flax with shiny coating has the additional strength and special appearance. Clothes of more dense and stronger flax can be used for years. Material with such quality can be worn more season. Flax is an excellent material for the spring and summer, because it can be used for sets, dresses, pants, blazers, jackets and skirts. It all depends on your tasteĀ  and opportunities where you plan to wear it.


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