Some facts about me

My name is Amela. I was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I speak English and Bosnian and I try to learn and improve my German almost every day. I graduated High school in Sarajevo and by education and profession, I am an Engineer I step- Telecommunications.

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Some of my interests include books, reading, writing, music, photography, history, science, astronomy and many more.My favorite TV shows and movies include Sherlock, The body of proof, Three Musketeers, all series of NCIS’s, …etc.My favorite books include The History of World Wars, Love your neighbor, Manuscripts Found in Accra, The Secret, Catch 22, …etc.

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Some musicians and music groups I like are Phil Collins, Ten Sharp, The Beatles, Arash, Eurythmics, Abba. Other things I enjoy include discovering nature, travels, historic monuments, buildings and museums.

This blog is mainly about life, promo, nature, positivism and other things I find interesting.

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If you want ever to contact me please email me at or


  1. I am pleased to know more bits of you now. 🙂! Bosnia is such a nice country I believe that it has nice and clean environment over there. In addition, we have a common share of one aspect which it is Sherlock holmes is my favorite character, as I am addicted to read his books which it focuses on detective issues and doing analysis tackling crimes cases. And for the Germany language is such difficult language, I would love to learn it one day, but I am Concentrating on learning French right now lol.
    Thanks to share these facts about about. My pleasure,, magicandbeauty age45! 👍

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    • Dear Husein,..Thanks a lot for such a warming posts and sentences. I also think that French language is nice to learn and know and keep my fingers crossed for you. You’ll know it one day as good as you know English. Yes, I also like people and characters that care for justice,weather real or fictional. Best regards from rainy Sarajevo, Amela.and you are wright regarding Bosnia.

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