10 interesting facts about San Francisco

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  1. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge welcome all visitors whether you are a first time or a long time visitor. The gigantic structure of Golden Gate is always an imposing sight. You can reach it at any time of day and night by car, bicycle or on foot. In its immediate vicinity there is the Golden Gate Park where you can find the perfect place for picnics, gardens and museums. Other famous and interesting places are: the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary , Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable cars, Muir Woods (If you’ve ever wanted to see huge squats in close proximity then this nature monument is the right place for you. You will not feel any smaller than here below 150 feet tall trees.), Chinatown district and Napa Valley.
  2. This city is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California.It is located at The San Francisco Peninsula and is about 124km² in area. San Francisco or The Golden City, or Fog City, Saint Frank, Frisco, The City by the Bay is only consolidated city-county in California.
  3. 1776 this city was founded when colonists from Spain established Presidio of San Francisco and Mission San Francisco de Asis all named for St. Francis of Assisi.
  4. With its cool summers, foggy days, steep rolling hills, mixture of architecture, beuatiful landmarks San Francisco attracts millions of tourists every year and is always a popular touristic destination.
  5. San Francisco is also a hometown to many famous companies such as: Levi Strauss & Co., Dropbox, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Airbnb, Mozilla, and many others. San Francisco is a city where you can find a fraction of its rich history at every step. One of nice places is Musee Mecanique. It’s actually about a toy that existed a hundred years ago, and where there are coin-operated gaming machines.
  6. San Francisco has three tram lines that move on steep streets. The system began to be used a hundred years ago, initially served as suburban public transport, and today it is mostly used by tourists. The lines that move along the streets Embarcadero and Market are the best for the most beautiful view of the city.
  7. Alcatraz is definitely the most famous jail in the world, many times blunt and worn in Hoolywood films. Some of the most famous criminals in the world like Al Capon and Bird Man were here. The prison was closed 40 years ago, and today it has turned into an attraction that is visited annually by over one million tourists.
  8. San Francisco is the capital of the gay population in the United States, and has the largest number of gay orientation members. That is why he has also deserved the title of the most liberal city in the United States. Same couples singing in the streets by holding hands and there is the best party there.
  9. In the early 20th century during the prohibition period, illegal “speakeasy” was the only place where you could relax with a glass of cockroach or cocktail. Café Day had a basement part where there was a bar that could only be used by inviting guests. Today the café is open, and the underground part serves only alcohol. The right place to get in touch with the colorful history of the city.
  10. After the Davidson Mountain, the Twin Peaks with its 281 meter height provide the best view of the city. You can even walk up to the gazebo without a problem, or you can take a taxi to take to the top. During the rainy days Exploratorium is the best option for a little fun under the roof. Constructed primarily to serve as a lab, it is the right place to find out how the world around you works. SoMa is the part of town which has the best restaurants and clubs in San Francisco. Clubs and restaurants are also the shops of some of the most famous designers, and when you get tired – you can take a rest in the beautiful park.

San Francisco


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