10 interesting facts about Qatar


  1. The general view of „frequent flyers“ is that there is nothing to do in Doha. But, this is not absolutely true. You can see large buildings, huge cars, rich Arabs and many foreign workers.
  2. You can visit a few places that are not luxury hotels, in fact, two of them: The Museum of Islamic Art (The work of the architect Im Pei) and Corniche – a great promenade along the palm trees and a great view of the futuristic city center on the other side of the bay. Do not forget the “Souq Waqif” in the literal translation: “Standing Fair”. “Souq Waqif”  is a pleasant and warm web of small streets with small shops full of spices, souvenirs and handicrafts. Souq Waqif may be something the most interesting to find in the whole country.
  3. The capital of Qatar- Doha is located in the palm bay, the ocean view and the futuristic skyscrapers are great for cycling and running. Doha also has a title as one of the safest cities in the world. The crime rate is 0.1%. Crime, therefore, does not exist in Qatar.
  4. State air carrier „Qatar Airways“ is famous in the whole world since they connect Qatar with the rest of the world. Qatar airways is one of the largest and best airlines in the world.
  5. Qatar is located in the Persian Gulf. Doha is the main and the largest city is Qatar. The surface of the Qatar is only 11,000 km square (the surface of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 51,197 km square). The country has around 2 million inhabitants.


6. Qatar was a fishing village in the desert about 30 years ago, where people lived from fishing. In the meantime, Qatar developed at an incredible pace. Museums, hotels, shopping malls, sports halls … are just a part of what can be found here. The reason for this accelerated development Qatar owes to oilfields. There is a joke saying that if you were born in Qatar, and you have one house, one car and one woman, you are a poor man! The quantities of oil and oil reserves exceed huge figures, and classify Qatar as the third country in the world by the amount of oil reserves, after Russia and America.

7. The association with Qatar is deserts, falcons and extremely unusual laws. Oil is cheaper than water here. Whether you like it or not, this country is completely different from everything you’ve seen unless you were in the Emirates.

8. Qatari ans love and protect their people. The school system is free. In Qatar an unwholesome day is Friday. “National sport” in Qatar is a bet on international matches. 9. Most men in Qatar and even the most successful businessmen wear traditional white dresses known as “Tub”. Women wear black dresses or “Abaje”.

10. La Pearl is among the things to visit in Qatar. This is an artificial island with a lot of hotels, shops, boutiques and everything that you can imagine. Those richest Qatari ans are currently living here, and the prices of apartments go over a million dollars.

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