We present you: Sarajevo

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The area that Sarajevo occupies has been continuously inhabited since The Prehistoric period. This area becomes a city of Sarajevo during The Ottoman Empire in 15th Century. In 1992, Sarajevo becomes the capital of independent Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is the largest city in the country. People often call Sarajevo „Jerusalem of the East“, because this city is a unique blend of heritage, different cultures and history.

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Four municipalities comprise Sarajevo: Stari Grad, Novi Grad, Novo Sarajevo and Centar. The city is situated in the Sarajevo Field and surrounded by Olympic mountains: Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Trebević, Igman and Treskavica. The river Miljacka flows through the city. Catholicism, Christian Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism are the represented religions in Sarajevo. Many ethnic groups live here: Bosniacs, Croats, Serbs, Jews, Roma population and other ethnic groups.

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