Saladin’s court physician: Maimonides

Maimonides (Maimonides or Mo she Ben Maim on) was born on March 30, 1135 in Cordoba, Spain. He died on December 13, 1204 in Al Fa stat (Cairo). He was the most respected Jewish middle age philosopher, theologian and physician. Almost all his works are written in Arabic. He was serving as Saladin’s court physician. Maimonides’s family escaped to Saladin’s Egypt before the persecution of fanatic Islamic theocracy, which dominated his native city of Cordoba. He holds lectures in philosophy, theology, medicine in Cairo.


Maimonides’s greatest authority was Aristotle. He tried to bring his religion into harmony with Aristotle’s teachings.

An attempt to synthesize Jewish religion with ancient philosophy has provoked harsh reactions of religious fanaticism, and some of his books have been condemned to burn. His most important works are “The Light“ and „The Guide to Swings”.



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