One of Sarajevo’s Olypmic mountains: Igman

Igman is a mountain plateau in central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Geologically, Igman is part of the Dinaric mountain’s chain and formed largely of secondary and tertiary sedimentary rock, mostly Limestone. This mountain is located southwest of Sarajevo, bordering the Bjelašnica mountain range in the south and west, Hadžići and Ilidža in the north, and the river Željeznica in the east. Igman’s highest point, Crni vrh (eng. Black Peak), west of the Malo Polje road, at an altitude of 1,510 meters (4,954 feet), the homonym highest elevation on the east side of this road reaches an elevation of 1,502 meters (4,928 feet).

2017-07-06 11.15.17

2017-07-06 11.15.20

2017-07-06 11.16.31

Most of Igman is covered with mixed forest with local pastures(f.i.:Veliko Polje: Large Field, Malo Polje: Small Field). Igman was the location of the lowest recorded temperature in the region, −43 °C (−45 °F). When the weather is right, from Igman mountaineers can see all the way to Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea.

2017-07-06 11.15.14

2017-07-06 10.51.31

2017-07-06 10.51.34

2017-07-06 10.51.21

2017-07-06 10.41.52

Igman has been the site of extensive combat during the 1992-1995 Siege of Sarajevo and certain areas, in particular the surroundings of former front lines, feature a high mine risk.

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