How did the first dolls for children come about?

Today there are dolls that speak, walk, dance, cry, sleep, eat and drink, and resemble a lot of human beings. The doll can be an ordinary piece of wood for children who do not have these nice and expansive dolls. The wood is rubbed into cloths, and they get a doll. In fact, the doll is any object that a child considers a puppet.

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So there is no official data when the first doll was created. Dolls existed since there have been children on our planet Earth. Children of the Indians used to make a doll of pieces of wood with a knot. The knot was the head of the doll. In the case of American Indians, the doll was a character of God and a part of religious worship. The most common doll’s material are wood. The children in Persia made dolls from all kind of  the fabric, and their face was drawn on the upper part of head. In the graves of children of primitive nations, dolls of clay or bones were found.

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Many experts believe that the dolls have become on the beginning of religious ceremonies. Egyptian dolls are the oldest. They ran out of a fine-colored timbers. The oldest Egyptian dolls date back 3,000 years BC. The dolls existed in Greek and Roman civilization, as well.

In ancient Greece there were interesting dolls. The heads were well made, and the hands and feet of the dolls were driven by a rope. Eskim people make dolls from the whales. Mexicans make dolls of baked loam. In Japan, dolls are made from woolen towels. The doll’s hair is made of peeled boar and clothes is made from paper. Japanese mothers used to have dolls at her home to remove the evil of children. The mothers treated these dolls as human beings. They were fed, dressed and bathed. In African countries, dolls are especially widespread, as part of magical rituals. In some European countries, dolls were part of religious rituals. They had their role and symbolism for Christmas. The dolls became toys in many Protestant countries of Europe, much before the Catholic countries.

Modern dolls are made from wax, chaos, pressed paper, rubber, various types of fabrics and plastics. However, the girl may prefer to play with the cheapest doll.

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2017-07-22 09.54.41

When we look at everything, it seems that children have invented their first dolls (from various objects of nature, stones, wooden rods, etc., etc.). Well done, kids.


  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post today! I was just wondering about this subject the other day. We watched the “Croods” and the little caveman kid had a “stuffed animal” and it made me wonder where the first doll came from. Thanks for posting and sharing what you researched!

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    • Dear “adventuresofabusymomcom”,

      You are very welcome. Yes, I agree with you, it’s always nice to learn something new and improve your basic knowledge. Specially, if you like the subject/topic. I hope you’ll find some nice blog posts in the future, as well. Wish you all the best and take care.

      Best regards from sunny Sarajevo,


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