Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge & Tuesday of Texture

This is my contribution for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:  Textures

2000-01-09 16.22.24

2000-02-06 17.50.17

2017-03-30 07.51.21

2017-05-10 10.09.38

Thank you for watching and have a great rest of the week.


  1. Dear Amelia , nice to know that you are from Sarajevo ! Hope someday you will write about the horrors of war happened a few decades back at your place . Not the political thing but the aftermath from a neutral point of view ! A very old civilisation , I heard .
    I am so happy to meet you .
    By the way , the photos are so beautiful and I like the first one , ..serene and calm , reminds of poem The road not taken .


    • Dear Mr. Milan,

      I am also very glad to meet you. I will write maybe soon about “my point of view”, which will be neutral after so many years passed. I spent all war years with my closest family in Sarajevo which was from 1992-1995 under siege. Thank you so much for your detailed and touching comment.
      Best regards,



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