The secret of the Egyptian sphinx

The Egyptian sphinx is located approx. 10 km from Cairo in the Egyptian desert and preserves three largest pyramids in Giza (known as the Great Pyramid). The sphinx is made of stone, it has a human head and a body of lion that lies with paws stretched forward.

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The sphinx head is thoroughly made, while the body is only roughly made. The eyes are mysterious and have a mysterious and supreme look toward the desert. The sphinx is approx. 20 meters high and 63 meters long. Historians estimate that the Sphinx’s age is over 5,000 years old. There is a small chapel (between the paws of this figure), where the records of two Egyptian kings were found. According to the records, the Sphinx represents one form of Harmakhis „the god of the sun“ and is made to guard and defend the graveyard around the pyramid. In Egypt, there are other, less sphinxes with heads that represent the characters of the kings. According to ancient Egyptian records, the word “sphinx” means “master.” Many primitive religions considered that kings represent the cunning of different animals and have the power of these animals. The Kings used to wear the skin with different animals on the head in order to have a great power. For the same reason, the Egyptians represented their kings as semi-humans, semi-animals. In Assisi and Greece, the Sphinx’s are represented with wings. In Assyria they had the head of a man, and in Greece the sphinxes were represented with the head of a woman. The most famous legend about the sphinx was created in Greece.

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The legend says: The Sphinx was living on one rock and killed every passenger who would pass through here and failed to solve her riddle. The riddle was: what go on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and at three legs in the evening?. The King Oedipal (a Greek mythology hero) replied that the solution of the puzzle is: a man. Oedipal explained: a man crawls on four legs as a child, as an adult walking on two legs, and as an older person walking with a stick. This answer was the correct answer, but the Sphinx fled from the rock and died.

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