Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

This is my contribution for The Weekly Photo Challenge:  corner .


2013-09-23 18.55.26

Any corner between two walls is good to have your

car parked in.


Any corner of a bench is good to take some rest and enjoy a good weather.

2017-07-29 10.34.14

Any corner of the park with a public drinking water fountain is a great idea, especially if you’re thirsty.

2017-07-22 07.57.21

Even an oval-shaped corner is good for eternal fire, a symbol of Sarajevo.

05.08.2017 1737

And in the corridor between walls between two residential buildings, tenants of these buildings can make a public garden, in which all tenants can enjoy whenever they wish.

Thank you for watching and have a great weekend.



  1. Ooo nice post! Definitely agree with sitting outside to enjoy the good weather! Look forward to seeing more from you! 😊


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