Ice cream through history

Ice cream is considered to be the oldest delicacy in the world. The history of ice cream dates back to 3000 years B.C., when the Chinese knew the recipe that ran out of today’s ice cream.

The Roman King Nero (37-68 year B.C.) in ancient Rome during the summer time had snow stored in special pits, which his slaves brought him from the mountains in large bowls. Snow and ice were later used to mix with various fruits and honey, in order to prepare various “ice drinks”.


In 1292, the famous travel writer and researcher from Croatia (Korčula Island), Marco Polo, wrote about the ice dish from the Kublai-Khan court (today’s Beijing), which is based on milk, chilled water and other ingredients. The courtyard in Italy makes ice cream according to Marco Polo’s recipe. The recipe and the process of making ice cream were a strictly guarded secret.

In 1533, ice cream was also brought to the court of Catherine de Medici, who brought it with her when she married a future French king Henry II (1533), and gave her secret to husband, who passed it to his cooks.

In 1648, the ice cream recourse spread to England, where English King Charles I (1600-1649) served it to his guests at one of the rich royal parties. The King Charles was famous for numerous feasts at his court, where he liked to prepare various culinary surprises for his guests. The guests were amazed and curious because the meal was creamy, sweet, icy and soft, but the chef had to keep silent about the recipe. The chef kept his silence well, because King Charles I gave him a very high salary, so that the ice cream would remain as a royal treat. After King’s death in 1649, the secret of magic sweets was soon discovered.

In 1660, in France, ice cream became available to everyone, because until then it was only eaten by the “elite” of French society.

In 1700, the first ice cream appeared in the United States, which only people from “higher” social classes could eat. It is brought by British colonists.

In 1774, a certain Filip Lenzi delivered delicacies, including ice cream from London to the United States. The same year ice cream in New York could be bought on the street. The business went not only to ice cream manufacturers, but also to manufacturers of boxes in which ice cream was served. The records speak about 70 new types of vessels intended for serving ice cream.

In 1813, ice cream was served on the inauguration dance of The US President James Madison.

In 1846, Ms. Nancy Jonson developed a home-cooking and ice-cream device for using a mixture of ice and salt.

In 1851, the first ice cream manufacturing plant was opened in the United States. Mr. Jacob Fussel founded the company for the industrial manufacture of ice cream in Baltimore. He could produce ice cream in large quantities. That was not enough, because the ice-freezer and ice cream (cooling system) was supposed to be invented that each store should have. By developing and perfecting the cooling system, ice cream production also gradually developed and improved.

sladoled 2

In 1904 in the US state of Missouri, in the city of St. Louis the ice cream in the cornet was invented (until then, ice-cream was served in small metal containers). It was a warm day, and visitors to the Economic show had to cool and refresh on a lot. Ice cream sellers rubbed their hands. The ice cream was  sold into the so-called „Cold refrigerators“. Great traffic eventually created problems for the seller, Charles Menches, who at one point remained without metal ice trays, and had enough raw material to prepare the ice cream. But he succeeded, and his friend Ernest Hamwia, an immigrant from Syria, helped him to solve the problem. He was selling some kind of delicious and crispy pancakes not far from Charles. Charles went to his colleague to take a few of these pancakes and put them in a cornet (cottage) and served ice cream in it. After that, ice cream begins to be packed in cardboard and hard paper trays. The ice cream on a stick is also invented in The USA.

In 1926, a cooling system was invented, and ice cream production was significantly improved and facilitated.

In 1934, Chris Nielson realized his idea of ​​spilling ice cream with chocolate.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan declared the month of July as the national ice-cream month in the United States.

In 2011 in the United Kingdom, ice cream with mother’s milk was served in a confectionery.


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