“Ambassador’s Alley” near Sarajevo

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The oldest Sarajevo’s promenade is from Bentbaša to Da Riva or to the bridge on the Mošćanica River (which is one of the tributaries of the Miljacka River) at Da Riva. It is about 8 km long promenade and almost full length located in the Miljacka River Canyon. The promenade is closed for traffic by motor vehicles, but there is a designated area for cyclists.

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2017-08-28 12.10.01

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At the entrance to Bentbaša there is the Small Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from which begins the promenade and the “Ambassador Alley”. The project of forming an alley of a lime called “Ambassador’s Alley” includes an asphalt promenade along the Miljacka River (from Bentbaša to Kozija Cuprija). The “Ambassador’s alley” is 2,800 meters long alley.

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About 200 lime trees have been planted so far. “The Ambassador’s alley” is specific project which has been started in 2003. The diplomats who stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina planted one tree of a lipe with their hands. Below each planted lime is a board with the names of senior officials and a bench, at which potential walkers can take a break. White or silver lime (lat.Tilia tomentosa), large tulip (lat.Tilia grandifolia),tinyleaf lime (lat.Tilia parvifolia and Tilia cordata), floral and other types of linden are planted in the “Ambassador’ alley”. Boxwoods, dunnuts and other plant species are planted in the Alley, as well.

At the very end of the promenade, you will reach the “Kozja ćuprije” (Goat’s Bridge) bridge.

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