How to simplify your home (5 useful tips)


There are plenty of things and objects that make your living space pile up, packed and have no purpose. These things are always reluctant to waive, although you know they have no function. Read about 5 useful tips on how to solve unnecessary things, how to simplify the space you live in and what to do with unnecessary things.

  1. Put all objects from your desk (on a work desk, on shelves, in corners, … etc.) on a large pile. Take a large black bag (size xxl) and go straight in. Separate everything on one side, in the bag immediately suffer all unnecessary items (papers, old catalogs, broken toys, cups, ashtrays, … etc.). Wrap your clothes and separate it into one pile. Separate what is ready for washing, what is for the cupboard, what needs to be thrown away, and what is for giving.
  2. Minimizing the wardrobe – in the wardrobe we all have hangers. What we wear and what we do not wear put on the hanger but on the hook, the washed things are on the hanger in the normal position. After 3 to 6 months, inspect your wardrobe. Everything on the hanger facing the normal position is not worn / used. Probably will never be used. Put it in a large xxl black bag again. When the bag is full, take it to a humanitarian organization. Someone will be delighted.
  3. Minimize content on your computer – from time to time, delete all read e-mail messages, watched movies and series, e-books that you have not read in the last few months, video clips, etc.
  4. Paper-the most important rule for paper is that paper may only be touched once. So, as soon as you pay the bill, immediately put it in an envelope for paid bills. When you go to the doctor, post the report in the file (for a medical purpose) on the same day. Paper from a bank put into a separate folder. List “to do” in a separate envelope. Drop the catalogs from stores immediately, as soon as you buy the item / product, which you took the catalog for.
  5. General cleaning/ checking: Every 2 to 3 months, make general checking of all rooms in your home. Do it by principle: „room by room“.

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    • Dear Robin,

      Yes, I myself like that rule, as well. We are not aware of it, but every single day we collect tones of papers (for no reason, or maybe to keep it “just in case”).

      Best regards,



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