Sarajevo is an Olympic city full of love for all the people of the world

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The old proverb says: “Once you drink the water from Baščaršija, you’ll visit Sarajevo again”. It is difficult to determine the truth of the old sayings, but there is a lot of wisdom in it because they were transmitted mainly from generation to generation. That is why this saying for Sarajevo is valid, if we are aware of the fact that this city records an increasing number of tourists and guests every day.

The most beautiful and important characteristic of Sarajevo is the interweaving of cultures, religions and various civilizations, which left their mark in this town. Everyone should visit Sarajevo to feel the authentic connection of the East and the West in such a small space, which shows that different nations and nationalities of different religions can live for centuries with one another or one next to others. And everyone equally likes Bosnia and Herzegovina and its capital city, Sarajevo.



At the time of international festivals (Sarajevo Film Festival, MESS, Beer Fest, Jazz Fest, Sarajevo Winter Festival … etc.), Sarajevo breathes a special rhythm. Artists from all over the world then gather here and enjoy the events and the city. Within all these festivals, interesting cultural events take place at different locations in the city.

Your walk in the city can only disturb the bad weather. Then you can visit one of the Sarajevo’s museums: the Sarajevo Museum of Art, the Museum of War Childhood, the Sarajevo Museum, the Museum of Literature and Theatrical Art, the departments of the Sarajevo Museum, The Beer Museum, the Museum of the Revolution,… etc.


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All these museums are recognizable symbols of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and their buildings are legacies of different civilizations, which left their striking trace in Sarajevo.

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When you enjoyed the rich culinary offering in the city and visit all the things you are interested in, you can always use one day to visit one of the nearby Olympic mountains (Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Trebević, Igman).

Come and visit place where you can see (in the circle of only approx. 400 meters) the religious buildings of the four great religious confessions: The Catholic Cathedral, The Orthodox Church, The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque and The Jewish Synagogue.

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    • Dear “urbanliaisons”,

      Yes, you are wright. When you open any daily newspaper, you could see a different headlines pointing at the same topic: Serbs, Croats and Muslims can not live together,..but this is not true,…ordinary people believe it or not live together in peace,…they help each other on a daily basis, they share foods (when it comes to returnees,…and people that not have enough for normal living)…and this is happening everywhere…specially in all small communities, places, villages,… but if we consider the fact that we have two entities in such a small country like is B&H, and 3 presidents and they have their administrations,…it is normal that you’ll hear about “tensions” almost every single day. Everyone is “jeopardize” of the future of our nations, in reality the most problems come from economic reasons (unemployment, bad economic situation,…). Unfortunately, all three confessions are equally leaving our country and I can say we have country in “disappearance”…
      Best regards,


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