What house numbers are talking about your destiny?

Numerology has been used for prediction for centuries, in various interpretations, but also for bringing happiness to life. In ancient cultures of Egypt, China, India and Japan it was believed that figures have magical power, so people used to get advises which numbers should they put on their house.

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Some of them, however, have been prefixed to us in the same way as the number hiding in first and last name or date of birth. It is believed that both the house number of the building or the house carries a hidden meaning to their households.


To find your home number, you need to enroll it in a single-digit number. If you live on number 63, simply add 6 and 3 and you will get the final number – 9. If your number is 10, add 1 and 0 so you get 1, if 19, add 1 + 9 is 10, then again 1 + 0 giving the number one.

House number one


This number brings to its householders the label of individuality and originality. They often have many ideas, start new projects, decide on challenges – and most of it with great success. However, as far as the financial aspect is a good number, it brings less happiness in private life, as it promotes secrecy and criticism of others. Also, the unit also brings indecision about important life choices. It is desirable to arrange the house in tones of golden, orange or olive green to enhance the positive and diminish the negative impact. People should look after their eyesight and circulation.

House number two


This number symbolizes the changes, so from this home, people often move and come new. Humans are rarely bored in it, and it is easy to create the atmosphere of a vibrant family home. Usually, it is a very simple place with a dose of indifference and stimulates fertility and falling in love. People who live on this issue often work from home or do their job home, and have an interest in technology, travel, alternative medicine, and astrology. Because of the hastiness they often make bad business decisions and must move from scratch, and relationships may be too dependent on others. In order to boost the positive and reduce the negative impact of the number on the home it should make it as lighter as possible – to bring more lights and to overcome unnecessary things. Tones like brown, gray and beige are suggested. People must look after their lungs, skin and stomach problems.

House number three


It is a symbol of expansion, renewal and improvement. People who live on this issue are often perfectionists, usually kind, loyal, with an optimistic view of life but also restrained. They have a pervasive sense of humor and solid attitudes about freedom, religion, and family. They know how to behave extravagantly and spend money they do not have, which brings them financial problems. Often they have a large family, they love to enjoy unhappy and in general they have health problems in middle age. Their home welcomes blue tones and wood to enhance the benefits and reduce the negative impact of the number. In life, you should try to be a bit more rational and practical, and maintain proper weight in your health and check your heart and hormone status.

House number four


This home is a complicated place to live because it is a symbol of conflict – two opposing forces, one of which is fighting for stability and the other for change. In this home there is always something rejuvenating, changing or buying, he is like living his own life as well as a householder. At the same time, the number two brings to its inhabitants a kind of emotion, empathy and spirituality, and radiates a great charisma. The temperament conflicts in it are very common. This home number is definitely not for those fragile and ludicrous, but people who are accustomed to work under stress and beneath gentle exterior have great inner strength. It is important to set priorities in your life and not neglect the people who really care about you. In order to diminish the negative and stimulate a positive influence, it is good to have a lot of candles, glass flowers and ornaments in the home. People should look after migraines, depressed thoughts, and spinal problems.

House number five


This number symbolizes harmony, good thoughts and emotions. In this house, sociality is manifested, visited, exchanged information and laughed a lot. Solidarity and stability are the main favorable impacts of the number five, and household homes are usually successful in the private, middle and later age and in business life. They are happy to build their fortunes with purpose, but all obstacles can overcome if they focus on persistent work. The bad aspect of the number is negligence such as forgetting keys, extinguishing stoves, overheads, and similar things, resulting in frequent temporary discomforts. A good supplement that will boost positive and lessen negative impact are metal objects. From health discomfort, people are most at risk of high blood pressure and problems with frequent infections of the ear, throat and nose.

House number six


This number symbolizes determination, firm stature and endurance. In it or in a harmonious place, you express silence, or a chaotic home with lots of screams and constant changes. Likewise, it can be the home of intense disagreement and repudiation among people, or intense love and sincere attachment. Somewhat magical, the number six acts so that people are drawn to extreme emotions, and works well on learning new things and dedicating themselves to hobbies like cooking, photography, computer or masters. In this home, people are extremely creative. To boost the positive and reduce the negative impact of the number of good yellow and light green shades, as well as create a large comfortable living room for gathering. People need to be aware of tooth and bone health.

House number seven


This number is a symbol of dreaming, imagination and bunta. So the week invokes a lot of spirituality with its people, but also emotions and vulnerabilities. Sometimes folks will have problems with separating reality from imagination, and they will emphasize their attitudes that do not fit in the opinion of the majority. According to some interpretations, just in the homes under this number, most often occur paranormal scenes and other inexplicable things. People who live in it often deal with an art profession, have pets and are great perfectionists. They are in love with nature, and often experience passionate, but conflicting relationships. In their business happiness is very variable. They should avoid exaggerations and, in general, all the woes. It is a good home to equip numerous details in purple color that will reduce the negative and increase the positive impact of the number.

House number eight


This number is a symbol of respect, stability and strength. It gives people a good reputation, authority, and even glory, but also a great responsibility they often have towards others. They tend to please everyone, but with a measure that does not endanger their well-being and this is something they learn only in middle-aged. That is why younger indigenous people know how to be unhappy, but it’s a short-lived one. Number eight also brings respect to traditional values ​​such as family, friendship, work, love … Despite its stability, this home is a necessity of frequent repairs and households that maintain it well, otherwise there may be a problem. The interior is often in dark colors, and to enhance the positive influence it is good to bring in a lot of details and decorations, such as paintings and mirrors. The biggest health problems are poor immunity and frequent colds and inflammation of the bladder.

House number nine


This number is a symbol of great division, which is reflected in the physical appearance of a home with a lot of room, different arrangement in each and many different temperaments living under the same roof. People who live in it usually lack initiatives in life, they know what they want and work directly to achieve it. They can resort to various tricks and deceptions on the way, because they have a very special understanding of human morality. However, this does not mean that they are bad, but extremely resourceful. In business they are usually very successful, and they often get tense in the home atmosphere. Still, they are accustomed to living under stress, so under other circumstances it would be boring. Problems with heating, humidity, and warm water appear often in the home. People should look after love problems that can lead to depression and are otherwise healthy. To boost the good and reduce the bad impact of the number, the whole house is connected to a single unit with white walls and details everywhere.


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