Meet the unusual customs in some world’s countries

Traveling in an unknown country and ignoring the culture of that region, can lead to certain conflicts of culture. Getting to know the local people’s habits can save you from strange and embarrassing situations and misunderstandings during the journey.

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Here are some tips from different angles to make your trip more enjoyable.

Dominican Republic

During conversation, residents of this country regularly keep eye contact with their interlocutor, so it is good to apply this advice because otherwise your behavior will be interpreted as a loss of interest in talking.


Refrain from displaying “V” (Victory Victory) in England because if it is not performed correctly, it can be interpreted as a middle finger showing that this symbol can turn into insult.


Do not cut the salad with the fork and knife, as it is considered an insult to the chef.


While you are in India, do not panic because it is a sexual gesture.


Although the Italians are known as a passionate and emotional people, they know they are quite reserved in informal conversations with foreigners and therefore apply all the rules of a good speech.


When meeting in public places do not show too much emotional touch and enthusiasm while welcoming, rather than keeping conservative behavior.


Never touch someone’s head and do not add objects through one’s head because it is considered holy.


While in Canada, talk to a hand at a minimum, and do not show your thumb in particular as this gesture is considered offensive, aside from being a sign of disapproval.


Do not ever wake up and point out the bowls. Especially do not leave cooksticks stuck in a bowl of rice as this custom is used when watching the deceased person.


When visiting hosts as a sign of attention, you must donate flowers, chocolate or some optional gift, as there are no “empty hands” to visit them. When choosing flowers, avoid maroon or red color as they symbolize death.


Do not even carry 12 carnations for gift, because you break the two unspoken rules. Carnations are usually used in funerals, and the number is considered unlucky.


It is inconvenient to leave the dish in the plate because it indicates that the dish did not like it.

African countries

While in most countries the approval is rewarded by raising the air, in some African and Arab countries, this gesture is a very prosaic.

Latin American countries

Showing the OK sign in this country has an abusive symbolism, because it tells the person that She/he is worthless.


  1. You should never bring 12 or 10 flowers (even numbers), although they do not mean misfortune it is a mistake and you may get a frown. It has to be 5,7,9,11 except 13! (urbanliaisons is right). About carnation you are right.


  2. In India, haven’t come across panic being interpreted as sexual gesture, but people do tend to misunderstand you, and think you are not trustworthy. Panic on first meeting can also indicate your insecurity…


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