10 tips for a good photo

Photo is one of the best ways to keep memories. Today, anyone who has a slightly better phone can make great photos every day without any restrictions.

Sometimes the photos were kept in albums, nowadays mostly in the folders. But nevertheless, they are still the best tool to capture the time that has passed and preserve it for yourself.

To make a perfect photo, you need to know a few tricks. These 10 tips will surely help you with that.

2017-08-04 10.01.34

Tip # 1: Rule of a Third

Imagine that the image is divided into nine equal parts. The third-order rule in photography implies that the most important scenes in a photo should be placed in a place where the lines cross or along the line. In the upper third and left third of the photo, place the object you want to take. It is not recommended that you smell objects in the middle, bottom, or top of the photo.

Tip # 2: Corner of View

Before you take a photo of the object or person you want, consider the subject of your photo from multiple angles. Instead of a regular perspective at the height of your eyes, see how your photo looks if you lower yourself or raise it to something more. Such cakes can often give you an unusual and dynamic final product.

2017-08-04 08.27.00

Tip # 3: Focus

Digital cameras are automatically set to focus on the center of focus. If the object you want to emphasize on the left or right side, the focus will remain empty. First, frame the object and press the half shutter button. Holding half the shutter will shift the focus on the object you want to focus on and then just upload it.

Tip # 4: Balance

Make sure that, besides the main object, there is no other object that will be of great importance or noticeable, otherwise you will turn your attention to what you want your photo to be.

Tip # 5: Size

Horizontal frame is recommended if you are taking pictures of landscapes, sea or other broad fields, and vertical if the theme of your photo is wood, building or man.

Tip # 6: Light

Do not ever take a photo of people’s faces at high brightness because they will not look natural and you will see all the imperfections. For photographing nature it is best morning or evening, when the sun’s rays are lighter because they fall under sharp corners.

Tip # 7: View

The most common mistake people have when photographing is what they see in the camera. Place the appliance at the height of your eyes as you will do so by touching the “eyes in the eye” contact. As in reality this contact has an effect, it will also give great results in the picture.

Tip # 8: The rule of “wrist”

If the object of your photograph is a man, look at it that his head and body are beautiful, depending on whether you are going to take a photo of the whole figure or not. In photography there is a rule that says, if you take a photo of people, you should not “cut them” by their joints.

Tip # 9: Wallpaper

When you want to highlight people in a photo, it’s best to put them in a simple background so as not to distract others from the main subject of the photo. If you do not get this, there’s always an option in any application on your photo computer to splurge what you need and then remove excess objects from the background.

Tip # 10: Advantage of the Digital Age

If you have not been able to accomplish some of these points on the spot, that’s not a problem, because there are a lot of online photo programs available today or you can download it for free. Even the simplest program offers options that can help you to get rid of photos, increase or decrease the light, as well as a host of other effects that make your photo better with a few clicks.


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