The most visited locations of former movie sets in the world

Some locations around the world (after filming) become attractive tourist destinations. The most famous movie set is in Tunisia, where the famous movie “Star Wars” is being recorded. In Morocco it is a replica of ancient Egypt, Dubrovnik (in Croatia) became more known and visited after the film “Games of the Throne”. The baseball court in the US state of Iowa became known for filming the movie “Dream Field”. Many movie props in Hollywood are thrown, or filmmakers take it as souvenirs.

star war

1.Although abandoned after filming, most movie sets become an attractive tourist destination. The most famous abandoned film set was in Tunisia, where the movie “Star Wars” was shot. At this location there are several buildings that make up the village where Luc Sky walker was born. There are sandy buildings and models of futuristic air fresheners used in film scenography. Many tourists visit this former movie set during their visit to Tunisia.

2.The so-called “Mini Hollywood” is located in Spain (Tabernas, Almeria) where many Western films have been filmed. The great film classics have been filmed here in the 60’s of the last century. The best-known movie studios shot in Mini Hollywood are Cleopatra, Lorene of Arabia, For Fistful of Dollars, Good, Bad, Sore. Today, tourists visit this location where, with the help of tourist guides, they hear many stories about filming their favorite movies.                                                                                                                                     spain tabernas

  1. The replica of ancient Egypt lies in the desert in Morocco. Here are also some of the historical classics. The production house “Atlas Film” used this location for filming “The Heavenly Kingdom”, “Gladiator” (Russell Crowe). Unfortunately, this movie set is slowly falling due to the harsh climate in this desert.
  2. Director Peter Jackson chose a family farm in Vaiko (New Zealand) to film the movie “Lord of the Rings”. This location was great for the village where Hobbits lived. After filming the first movie from the cult trilogy, the holes in the country (which were homes) were removed. During the recording of other parts of the trilogy, the homes were restored to their original positions. This is today one of the most visited tourist locations in New Zealand.                                                                     game of thrones 
  3. For the purpose of filming the movie “Dream Field”, a baseball court was created in Iowa (USA). In this film the main role is interpreted by Kevin Costner. The movie has gained great publicity. It is today one of the most visited locations in this part of the world.
  4. Actors and producers had to travel to countries around the world, such as Canada, the USA, Morocco, Malta, Croatia, to record this legendary series. “Play of the prestige” has experienced the premiere of the seventh season in mid-July, and has managed to beat numerous records on the HBO network. “Game of Thrones” series has become very popular all over the world for a very short time. Although most of these recordings took place in a studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland, numerous countries around the world are part of these epic stories.The first episode saw more than 25 million people. Dubrovnik served as Kings lending. It is also interesting that Iceland is the ultimate north in the series and where the Wilds live off the Wall.
  5. The famous director, Steven Spielberg, wanted to have his “Schindler’s list” filmed in one of the concentration camps in Poland. The request was rejected and he made a replica of the camp at a distance of several kilometers from Krakow. After reproduction of the movie the replica is abandoned. The film has gained great popularity, and many tourists visit this place where their favorite movie was shot.


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