Enrich your home with some of the symbols of happiness

The Chinese observe almost all objects and objects with hidden meanings that are symbols of happiness or misfortune. The events are seen as signs of good or bad news.

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The most popular symbols of wealth include:

  • coins,
  • frog,
  • fish,
  • a merchant ship with lugs,
  • vase of wealth,
  • a cow that fulfills desires,
  • bat,
  • A buddy who laughs …
  • You can have a frog in the living room and the garden. Not in the kitchen and in the bedroom, because it has the opposite effect. The total number of frogs must not exceed nine. It is best to keep the frog in the angle diagonally in relation to the front door. Nearby, but not at all on the floor (the height of the stands can). It should be turned towards the front door.
  • Elephant is a symbol of strength and wisdom, of all qualities and moral leaders. It brings happiness in relation to the ascent of a father and the opportunity to take a better position. It is used for the happiness of descendants.

Symbols of long life are:

  • Sau (god of longevity) – keeps peach in one hand, and in another rod with magic pumpkin;
  • eight immortals – possess magic and supernatural powers;
  • Yellow and green pine,
  • peach,
  • bamboo,
  • bee jelly,
  • turtle.

Symbols of love and romance are:

  • Mandarin ducks,
  • a double symbol of happiness,
  • peony,
  • bumps.

Flowers that bring happiness:

  • Magnolia – a woman’s beauty,
  • Lotus – perfection and purity,
  • Yellow chrysanthemum – a comfortable life,
  • Orchid – perfection,
  • Narcissus – hidden talents,
  • Lemon – happiness in money,
  • Orange – a gold symbol,

Animals that provide protection:

  • A pair of lions,
  • Couple of Fu dogs,

Symbols of happiness

  • A mystical knot – a long life untouched by defeats, suffering
  • Shell
  • Two fish
  • Lotus
  • A point
  • Cup
  • Vase – peace and harmony
  • Flag – victory

Precious Symbols:

  • A precious queen
  • A precious minister
  • A precious general
  • Horse
  • An elephant

It is believed that negative energy does not dare to enter the home, in which the great warrior and General Kuan Kung is located.

The queen will bring positive energy to your mother and other family members.

When you appoint a minister, you will live on a high leg.

The shell is a success on the road. Two fish protect you from illness and bad intentions.

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