Why do we travel and how do we change ourselves, but also the world we live in?

Have you ever wondered what reasons tell us that we like to travel, explore new places and destinations, and spend time on packing, long and fatigue driving?

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Certainly we all have our own reasons for doing so. We travel to flee from everyday life, change the “walls” that surround us. We also travel because of curiosity, fun, rest, and to appreciate what we have. We travel to learn and collect new life experiences that will help us to become better people, to change our self, but also the world we live in.

Desire and need for traveling have always existed. We give you 10 reasons why you should (if you are not already) going to travel.

  1. Acquiring new knowledge

In the 21st century, in which we live, the technical possibilities are such that you almost do not have to move from the chair, but contact with people is still irreplaceable. Traveling to meet local people, try to get in touch with them, find out how they live, their customs, how they think and what attitude they have towards tourists who come to visit them. This will allow you to extend your own views of life and your knowledge of the country you are visiting. In addition, among locals, you can meet new people and maybe gain a new friendship for a lifetime.

  1. Take a break

We all look forward to the moments of rest. Holiday means us, not only by traveling, but also by “batteries” for some new life challenges. Vacation is an important part of escape from stress and everyday life. It was shorter or longer, it did not tie us to some obligations and go to work, and in any case, it is necessary for every human being.

  1. Discovering new cultures

Sometimes it is really nice to find yourself in an environment that does not look like yours, where customs are totally different, a country that has its own specifics, ranging from history to architecture and everyday life. This can help us expand our knowledge and rest, by the way, learn something completely new.

  1. Traveling we feel free and become more resourceful in life

The journey relaxes us, giving us an increased sense of freedom and carelessness. Sooner or later we will find ourselves in a new environment, and there will be a need for understanding, which helps us to become more resourceful through life. On our trip we plan our leisure time, we organize our activities ourselves and make arrangements for what and how and when to see. All this affects how we plan our lives better, we harmonize our obligations and become more organized in every sense.

  1. Walk through the past, which is not visual but real

Any place or destination or location to choose to visit, each of them has its own story, its history. Some may know or have lost, or sometimes we have learned at school, watching on TV, but it is always nice to “see and live the past from the first hand, ie. on the spot.” You do not always have to follow a “touristic route” or listen carefully to “what you need to see, what a museum to see, which route to follow”, sometimes just “toss” into a plain street, you never know what you can accidentally encounter. So, investigate yourself individually.

  1. Look for new business ideas

Aside from traveling on the road, looking at new landscapes and landscapes, sometimes it is not bad, looking for a new idea. Perhaps at that location, there is something you could do in life, but you have not thought of it so far. The best ideas are born on the “spot”. Perhaps you just “catch” your life job quite accidentally.

  1. Try some “new cargo”

If you travel by car or plane, your vacation quickly passes, so try to find out if you are near a place you’ve chosen for your location (especially the big cities, such as Istanbul, Vienna, etc.). You have a location that you would like to visit in one day. If you make it to the train / train, ship, or some other unusual means of transportation, decide on that move. Believe this seemingly ordinary one-day trip, you will remember for a long time.

  1. Try some new dish or something typical of the country you are visiting

Although in such a busy time, we do not have the time to cook and try out all the recipes that we run into. It is the ideal journey, to try something new. Be sure to inquire which specialty is related to the location you are going to, try street food or something from “stalls” rather than spending time and money at restaurants.

  1. Anticipate all prejudices and appreciate what you have

We all tend to believe and we sometimes fill ourselves with the thoughts of “the neighbors’ balcony is more beautiful than ours,” or “the flowers are better and more beautiful than with me.” Traveling, we can do a lot of it on ourselves, to overcome prejudices, and to appreciate everything we have, no matter how much, especially when we see ourselves nowhere is not so perfect. Also, many of the prejudices about others that we have gained by traveling simply “disappear”. So, for example, for Hungarians, we think that they speak only with their language, which is so unmistakable to us, yet Hungarians are people who will do everything to help you, so for the Italians we think that “they just sit and drink espresso,” “they are slow, for the Czechs “to carry everything with them,” and so on. Numerous travel situations almost always convince us that it’s not all “as it is said”.

  1. By traveling we improve our mental and physical health

The feeling that we travel will make a man feel good. Mental health is already improving, we gain our will and strength. Changing the environment, vacation time, the fact that we will see and meet something new, will work all of us positive. Traveling, we improve our physical and mental health. So, with whatever reason you decide on a trip, make sure it is unforgettable and unique.

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  1. Travel is a fantasy, allowing the travel to be that which they will. Change is the natural outcome of travel, the traveler and those touched by that traveler. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing.🌹💐


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