Autumn’s depression and How to Solve It

By the arrival of autumn, rainy and cloudy days, our mood swings rapidly and becomes more depressing. Doctors say that we have a symptom of a seasonal affective disorder (frequent mood swings). Depression is followed by melancholy and this disorder is thought to have 10-20% of the world’s population. The lack of energy and lack of will for work cause a lack of light. Less light affects the hormonal changes when the endocrine gland of the epiphysis releases the hormone melatonin (which has a sleeping effect).

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The symptoms of the seasonal disorder are:

– The appetite is changing, craving for sweets

– Sleep habits are changing

– getting fat

– reduced concentration


– Reduced energy


Mood enhancement tips:

  1. Stay outdoors – spend as much time outdoors, in fresh and cool air. Fresh and cold air increases the level of energy
  2. Stay in the room with as much light as possible-get candles with a citrus smell, which fosters good mood. Increase light with the help of lamps.
  3. Do not use sunglasses-because you are encouraging the epiphysis to release melatonin. Solar energy is the best medicine for bad mood, and sunglasses reduce its effect.
  4. Change your diet-when you miss some important substance in your body, you can feel depression and melancholy. Include as much fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables as you eat. It is best to consume raw foods. Drink teas, fresh juices and eat nuts and seeds.
  5. Use supplements – the sun contains most of the vitamin D, which means when the day is not sunny, we need to do supplementation with supplements. Vitamin B helps you get better mood and boosts energy. When there is a lack of vitamin B, we feel emotional instability and less efficiency of various body processes. It is recommended to use 50 mg vitamin B daily. Reducing depression and frequent mood swings is also possible with the help of selenium, magnesium and iron.

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