Sending postal telegrams is more sincere and warmer

Telegraph is a device that transfers letters using a specific code.

The first telegraph systems used optical transmission of messages. During the French Revolution (1789-1799), Claude Chappe, an engineer from Lyon, invented and built a new system, consisting of a series of towers with moving elements controlled by human crew. This system has enabled faster messaging than the couriers on horses used until that period.


Samuel Morse succeeded in developing the first simple and stable electrical messaging system in 1832 and received the patent for the following year. The first real electric telegraph connected London and Birmingham and was built in 1838. Morse has invented a special code for use with his own device, in which each letter of the alphabet uses a mixture of points and lines. This code (the so-called Morse Code) is still in use today.

We are aware of the fact that in the 21st century communication has become easy, quick and accessible to everyone. People all over the world use internet to send telegrams. For this reason, all important dates in our lives (anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, promotions …) are always accompanied by a large amount of support and congratulation messages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, .. etc), SMS messages on mobile phones and through various applications. At the end of the day, we do not have a clew who congratulated us and how.

The old, tried and traditional way of sending postal telegrams is still in fashion. Emotions caused by a telegram (when we get it from the postman) or a card, that has passed thousands of kilometers to reach our hands, are priceless. Telegrams do not have any substitute in electronic form. There is still a practice of sending telegrams at every significant event. Telegrams are sent as expressions of condolences, such as birthday and wedding greetings, in maternity wards. And every time we get it, for whatever reason, we feel honored and special. Telegram expresses the respect, attention and importance we attach to some events in the lives of our dear ones.

Telegram travels to the recipient by mail. The sender writes a telegram to the attendant at the post office. You can submit a telegram in two ways: at the mail counter and by calling the phone number.

telegram 2

There is an ordinary, luxurious and referral telegram. We use the luxury telegram most often for congratulating birthdays, various anniversaries, holidays, or condolences. We use the referral telegram to send money, but also when we want to send a special statement to the recipient. The telegram is delivered personally to the recipient’s hands.

Post offices offer a service by which a telegram can be delivered on a specific date, but the maximum deadline for this type of telegram is up to 30 days. Post office secures the confidentiality of data on the telegram. The data on the telegram can be submitted only at the written request of the sender, the recipient or the person having the power of attorney, as well as at the request of the court, state prosecutor, investigative and other state services.

The fact is that by sending telegrams, we can make people happier, touched and smiled who at the some exact date and time, experiencing some of the most important events in their life.



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