10 reasons why the Italians fascinating me


  1. Italians love everything nice – when you come to Italy once, you will always be happy to come back. Wherever you turn, you will see beautiful and simple things. Italians enjoy it. With great pleasure, small cups of esspreso coffee are drunk several times a day. Every time they drink coffee in a small cups. Italians equally enjoy in food. In their small and frequent portions. It’s the secret of their leanness.
  2. Regardless of the differences in the standard of living, the northern and southern parts of Italy lik each other very much. If you come in the south or in the north of Italy, you can eat a cheap, tasty, high-quality and nutritious meal and drink quality and unusual drinks. Many Italians go to the north looking for work and a better standard of living, but they are always happy to return to their southern slopes. They never forget who they are and where they are from. They help each other and they are comfortable. The style and love of the Italians (regardless of whether they are from the south or from the north) towards each other, are particularly pronounced during the crisis (recession, economic crises, various disasters, earthquakes, etc.).
  3. Italians adore fashion and fashion events – we are all familiar with the fact that Italians of all ages are following fashion and fashion events and enjoying fashion and fashion trends. You will often encounter fashionably matched older married couples in old age, who still love to dress nicely and harmoniously, align their hairstyle and other fashion accessories with wardrobe and weather conditions. If you are planning a trip to Italy, be sure to take some time for a non-obligatory drink in an outdoor garden and watch the Italians and enjoy their harmony and sense for the nice.
  4. The Italians are always ready to help everyone – warm mediterranean souls, or people with a great empathy in themselves – they are all Italians. They are always ready to help, wherever that assistance is needed (recently a group of Italian humanitarians visited the Gaza Strip, the largest concentration camp in the world and I thank them from my heart, … after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many Italians accepted the children with one parent, orphaned children and children with both parents in difficult material conditions and educated them, these children have accomplished a lot in life today, have been educated, have permanent employment, some have remained in Italy, all are on the right path to become good people, thanks to their good donors -the Italians, who embraced, educated and raised them when needed).


  1. The only country in the world in the form of boots-how the boot belongs to footwear, which is part of the dressing of a man, boots simulate Italy as a cradle of fashion and fashion events.
  2. Italian is one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world. When speaking with a normal tone, when singing or arguing, the Italian language fascinates us.
  3. Tourists come to Italy not only because of food and magnificent natural beauty, but also because of art, history, … etc.
  4. The Italians are always smiling-rarely you’ll meet a frustrated and angry Italians. And when they argue, they do it with a smile and in the end everything ends with laughing.
  5. The sense of being nice is reflected in their homes, apartments. Take a walk through the suburbs, the houses are beautiful, but without a lot of emphasis, with carefully landscaped gardens. In addition, Italian furniture factories are world-famous.
  6. Such a small state with such a large heart- the Republic of Italy receives refugees and immigrants every day, provides shelter for them and saves (from safe death) hundreds of immigrants, children, mothers with children, elderly, sick and others who are fleeing war, persecutions and killing (we all know the most famous island of Lampedusa).



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