As the autumn comes, the leaves change color …

During the summer, wherever we look, we see leaves and trees in all shades of green. By the time of the fall, the leaves change color. The green color of trees and leaves is present due to chlorophyll, and a 2/3 % of the leaf’s color is the so-called „green chlorophyll“. The leaves also have other colors, which we do not see in the summer. Leaves contain 23% xanthophyll (hydrogen, cesium and carbon), respectively, yellow and 10% carotene (carrots) or orange. North American oak and Canadian maple contain anthocyanin, which gives them a light red color.

2000-02-06 17.50.17

The trees storage its food in the leaves. With the arrival of colder days, food from leaves goes into branches and trees. Trees in winter do not produce food and chlorophyll (in leaves) falls apart. As the green chlorophyll decays, we notice all other colors, i.e. yellow, orange, red, … etc.

2017-03-30 07.51.21

There is a set of cells in the leave, after the wind blows, leaves fall from the trees. There are scars on the branches, or places where the leaves were once. Evergreen trees are always green, because the leaves do not the fall from those trees during the autumn and winter season. In fact, the leaves on the evergreen trees are a bit lost, but also restored throughout the year.


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