A Photo Exhibition For Everyone to Participate (29 Aug-19 Nov 2017)

At Fujifilm, our mission is to preserve and nurture the culture of photography. In Tokyo, Japan, we started the PHOTO IS exhibition in 2006 as a 10,000-person photo exhibition. In 2013, it was expanded to a 30,000-person photo exhibition. In 2016, over 40,000 photos were exhibited at 32 venues around Japan, and many of the visitors expressed their admiration for the exhibitions. This year, we are expanding the exhibition to 50,000 people. Not only do photographs connect the past with the present, they also connect us with the future. We believe this exhibition has the ability to forge new bonds and friendships between people.

And now for the first time in Malaysia, Fujifilm is holding a similar initiative called the SHOOT.PRINT.SHARE. Photo Exhibition to spread the excitement.

The aim of the SHOOT.PRINT.SHARE. Photo Exhibition is to celebrate and preserve the culture of photography whilst breaking the communication walls and bringing people together. We hope to achieve this by creating a space where photographers (experts and novices alike) and the mass public can meet and have a dialogue on photography whilst shining light on Malaysia’s colourful charm. We truly look forward to your photo submissions about Malaysia! Everyone is welcome to participate.

MY Malaysia Memory

Submission Deadline
15 October 2017

Submission Details
13 – 19 November 2017

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Organiser Name

+603 – 7977 077 (Ms. Jayne/Ms. Shirley)



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